We offer a one year apprenticeship for young men and women.  Our apprentices live on the farm and participate in the farmwork two and a half days a week.  In exchange for labor the apprentice learns the basics of farming, orcharding, arboriculture, animal husbandry, woodworking, masonry and a variety of other skills.  The apprentice gets a cabin to live in and firewood and has access to all the food the farm produces.  The apprentice is free to seek other employment during the rest of the week.  The Blue Hill area is a culturally rich community with a food co-op, a community radio station, dancing, yoga classes and ample entertainment.  East Blue Hill is on the ocean and offers ocean swimming in the summertime. 

                    Building the Apprentice Cabin foundation


                         Apprentice cabin under construction

                      Cutting the hole for the chimney


                          Installing the metal roof

                December of 2004

            Apprentice Cabin  with attached woodshed -  East Side

            Apprentice Cabin Interior

            West Side showing Rainwater Catch System

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Apprenticing at Clayfield Farm